One Year Roadmap to Resilience

For Small to Midsize Businesses (SMBs)

  • 58% of cyber attack victims are SMBs (<250 Employees)*


  • Recent statistics show that around 60% of SMBs forced to suspend

                                                     operations after a cyber attack never reopen for business.**



Often, SMBs do not have the resources to protect their organization the way the large companies do, but SMBs are now more at risk than any other group.  


In response, Kettle Consulting Group has created a unique plan to help SMBs become more resilient and protected with our

One Year Roadmap to Resilience.  Through the course of one year, our team will work with your business to put in place the Training, Processes, and Technology you need to secure your company without breaking your budget.

Each quarter our world class consultants will meet with your organization. We use a proprietary process that includes personalized training time, customized play books and processes that meet or exceed industry standards, and defined To Do Lists. Our program will get you and your teams trained, ensure that all the proper systems are in place, and give you the information and training that your business needs to self sustain your Information Security Program.  


  • Part One: Crawl (Diagnose and Understand)

  • Part Two: Walk (Protect and Secure)

  • Part Three: Run (Promote and Control)

  • Part Four: Innovate (Monitor and Maintain)



*2018 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report

** Forbes, 1/31/19

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