Kettle's Roadmap to Resilience (R2R) for SMBs

Sustainable Business Ecosystems Need Resilient SMBs.

As market risks and conditions evolve, SMBs that are proactively secure will be viable, welcome supply chain providers to larger anchor organizations.

Unfortunately, Security Noise Drowns Out the Signal for SMB Resilience.

SMBs that are reactive and unsecure will gradually be excluded from the supply chain by more discerning organizations. 60% of the SMBs that are breached never reopen, yet fear has created paralysis, rather than action.

Before R2R

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After R2R

Resilient SMBs Maintain a Proactive State of Security.

Resilient SMBs Maintain a Proactive State of Security.

Kettle’s SMB Roadmap to Resilience is focuses on delivering value for small to mid sized organizations. SMBs represent approximately 50% of the US economy. 89% of SMBs in the US have been targeted by cybercrimto their business, ensuring that they reduce risk, retain existing customers, and attract new customers that seek secure partners and providers.


How the Roadmap to Resiliency helps businesses

  • Free cybersecurity training resources give the illusion of security but don’t actually address the root of the problem. Learn how to actually measure and maintain a high level of proactive security without getting hooked on consultants, contractors, or software.

  • Be prepared to take a proactive approach to security in a world that demands more privacy and security. Rather than waiting for customers to ask you for security audits, anticipate their needs and initiate security conversations from a position of strength.

  • Learn how to integrate security into business strategy and technology planning. Security is often an afterthought, particularly for SMBs facing pressure on their profitability through competition, regulation, or technology trends.


Why is Cybersecurity important to your business?

  • Regulatory Requirements

  • Customer Demands

  • B2B Customers and Suppliers are taking security more seriously

“We both value people and results. You helped me get the board to take this transformation seriously. Our customers are seeing the improvements. We could not have done this without you”


-Client Vice President of Customer Care

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