Kettle's Digital Transformation Services

Business Focused Technology Can Drive Digital Transformation.

Digital Transformation automates manual processes and burdensome tasks. From automatically downloading attachments into a secure cloud directory to robot assisted warehouses, the breadth and depth of opportunity is significant

Most Businesses Experience Technology as a Business Blocker.

Technology expenses consume ~30% of an organization’s operational budget, regardless of stage, cycle, or size. New technology opportunities or challenges cause disruption. Instead of a proactive, predictable approach, technology is reactive, fragile, and expensive.


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Use Cases
Financial Services

Launch and Operate Mobile Payments Products.

After a $300M acquisition, a global financial services provider was facing a 7 month delay (and counting) for their mobile payments product launch.


Aggressive hiring plans added cost at a significant rate while missed requirements and deadlines piled up. Every attempt to reset to that point had failed.


Kettle resources ran a war room to help get the product release back on track. Subsequently, Kettle staff drove initiatives focused on aligning IT to the business.

Life Sciences

Scaling Technology in Life Sciences.

After 10 years of R&D, a life sciences company was preparing for FDA clinical trials. Investor expectations were sky high, e.g., $100M+ investment from The Gates Foundation.


The client CIO was concerned about IT limiting the growth of the business. People and systems were stretched thin, growing from 100 to 300+ employees in less than 18 months.


Kettle stabilized IT by implementing technology and process improvements. Subsequently, Kettle drove strategic vendor, process, and people workstreams.


Reducing IT Costs without Destroying the Business.

One of the largest utilities in the U.S. was struggling to reduce their annual technology operating cost structure from $870M. A legacy of mergers and acquisitions created an unwieldy portfolio of technology platforms and processes.


Kettle resources compared client data to our IT finance benchmarks and built individual business cases. While quick win savings opportunities were implemented, longer term savings initiatives such as sourcing strategy and cloud transformation required extensive data collection.


After four months, the CIO presented the final roadmap to the leadership team. Over $100M in addressable spend in under 12 months was identified. The long term roadmap identified approximately $250M in savings opportunities.

“We both value people and results. You helped me get the board to take this transformation seriously. Our customers are seeing the improvements. We could not have done this without you”


-Client Vice President of Customer Care

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