AquiO Helps You Optimize

Optimizing Your Acquisition in the Digital Transformation Era


Given the critical dependencies of how people, process and technology are so tightly woven across

an ever-evolving digital transformation landscape, Kettle's AcquiO is your critical agent to achieve and

maintain zero-waste in today's M&A diligence and delivery.


With a finely tuned playbook, and teams who are versed in addressing the complexity of today’s M&A lifecycle, we engage across the entire continuum– from assessment and diligence to alignment and integration.

We Leave No Stone Unturned

Kettle's seasoned teams know how to navigate through the often-complex landscape where people, process and technology intersect. We shine a light in the darkest and often overlooked corners of the target acquisition, where the levers of IT have the greatest opportunity and threat of impact.


We Are Holistic

While Kettle will complete the diagnostic and assessment on your IT diligence, that is just the start of intent to deliver maximum value. We are wired to work alongside you to follow through on the application of the recommendations and optimizing the path of integration (that is at time synonymous with transformation).


We Are Your Co-Pilot From Beginning To End

Due to the integrated role that IT plays across all functions within the modern enterprise, the diligence and assessment across these activates has become more complex than ever. Kettle knows how to navigate where people, process and technology intersect, and work to ensure a holistic analysis and seamless execution of the integration that follows the initial analysis.

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