Difficult takes time.

Impossible takes a little longer.

We have honed our craft at some of the leading organizations in consulting and in the industry. We have helped startups mature, thrive, and scale. We have transformed the technology functions for Fortune 100 clients. We have helped nonprofits navigate uncertain futures introduced by regulatory change.


By disrupting the traditional technology model, we have helped our clients realize extraordinary results. These case studies are a small subset of what our clients have achieved. How can we help you?

Case Studies

Introducing Innovation with One of the World's Top Consumer Brands
Projects came in over budget, late, and requiring significant reworking. IT leadership needed to repair their reputation with the business. As part of their turnaround strategy, they sought to introduce new solution delivery practices and disciplines.


In order to standardize the new approach to business and technology partnership, a Kettle team member taught over 400 Project Managers, Business Analysts, Solution Architects, and Product Managers. Using classroom and virtual conferencing options, we introduced the new Solution Delivery Lifecycle (SDLC) processes, roles, and tools to the organization.


At the conclusion of the engagement, the business and IT teams had the processes, tools, and expectations needed to succeed. When the business needed input from IT on a new idea, IT knew how to respond efficiently and effectively. When the known unknowns revealed themselves, IT knew how to guide the business through their options and potential solutions.


Establishing Sustainable Technology with a Healthcare Startup

A startup providing healthcare concierge services was expanding rapidly. The technology team was faced with the challenge of developing new products to keep pace with the business while upgrading core legacy platforms. Given the pace of growth, the IT team had little capacity for change. 


A Kettle team member helped IT reset. In four weeks, we measured their current state, established a target state, and developed a prioritized improvement plan. We implemented the improvements in consulting sprints, adjusting to their capacity for change and their financial constraints.


By applying consulting services creatively, the client made measurable progress toward their maturity goals. We built a CIO dashboard and compared progress against metrics. Critical functions, such as Security, were integrated with IT functions. The relationship with the business improved significantly as business strategy and IT strategy were aligned. 

Transforming Technology with an Automotive Industry Innovator
Vehicle manufacturers were introducing telematics services, e.g., airbag deployment notifications, remote door unlock, internet radio, into mass market vehicles. A telematics service provider was experiencing explosive growth. A Kettle resource was proactively engaged assess IT and identify potential growth risks.


The initial findings showed that the technology platforms were reliable and scalable. However, the lack of standard, measurable IT processes contributed to a lower maturity score. In response, we designed action plans for 12 IT Service Management (ITSM) processes.


At the conclusion of the two month engagement, the findings and transformation roadmap were shared with one of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers. The plan established a level of transparency that helped set the tone for future growth. 


Reducing Technology Operating Costs with an Energy Industry Leader

One of the largest utilities in the U.S. was struggling to reduce their annual technology operating cost structure. A legacy of mergers and acquisitions created an unwieldy portfolio of technology platforms and processes. Leadership had developed a series of cost takeout hypotheses, but they needed help to prove them and reap the actual benefits.


Over a four month engagement, a Kettle resource led a team responsible for sizing the savings opportunities, prioritizing them, and establishing a plan to achieve savings. After introducing a standard evaluation model, we validated the individual hypotheses, e.g., sourcing, project portfolio rationalization, virtualization over the cloud, and platform consolidation.


At the conclusion of the engagement, we delivered a roadmap for how to apply the savings levers, supported by hard financial targets. Some levers, such as requiring business cases for new projects, were implemented during the engagement. As a result, the client CIO had a clear path and actionable plan for achieving the IT vision. 


Launching a Product while Integrating a Financial Services Acquisition
The growth and innovation function of a global financial services provider was struggling with their initial product launch. Schedule delays and costs were mounting. Startup culture clashed with an enterprise culture averse to risk. In parallel, new business development continued in anticipation of an “imminent” release. People were arguing about fundamental definitions, i.e., the use of “green” or “red” in a status report. Commitments were piling up.


A Kettle resource worked with client business and technology stakeholders to quickly address the blockers to the initial product launch. We set aside significant software development and project management process issues in order to mutually define the minimum viable product, complete development, and lock in the release. Three months after the start of the remediation effort, the product was released, including web and App Store solutions.


After the initial release, the team redesigned the delivery process, working to balance startup innovation and speed with corporate quality and risk management disciplines. Over an 18 month engagement, the client completely transformed their way of operating. The technology platform was rebuilt in parallel to new business partnerships and feature deployments, e.g., online bill pay, virtual currency rewards, fraud engine integration.

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