Kettle's Acquisition Optimization Solution

Acquisition Optimization (AcquiO) helps you master the collaterally critical role of Technology in today’s M&A transactions

Legacy M&A Approaches Create Waste in the Digital Age: Short Term Risks, Long Term Failure

Each weak point in an integration digs a hole deeper and deeper towards a failed endpoint. Additional technical debt, destroyed value, and lost talent make modern M&A far more challenging than in the past.

Successful M&A Accelerates Business Value: Short Term Rewards, Sustainable Future Success

Starting with a clear strategy, successful integrations create a virtuous cycle of compounding benefit and drive business value.

Before AcquiO

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After AcquiO

Use Cases

Innovate at Scale without Losing Customer Confidence.

Safety and entertainment telematics services - once the exclusive domain of luxury brands - were being introduced to the mass market by the world’s largest automotive manufacturers.

Our client was struggling to keep up with mass market demand. Activations were failing as consumers drove off of the lot. New features were delayed.


Kettle created a reliability roadmap that was presented to and embraced by the client’s customer.  Kettle drove a probationary period until the customer relationship was restored.

Financial Services

Upgrade Technology Due Diligence and Integration Skills.

A global financial services provider needed to assess the technology capabilities of a potential $40M acquisition. Corporate due diligence was focused on the financials, intellectual property, and executive retention.


The acquirer asked their internal enterprise architecture team to prepare a technology due diligence report. The business development team wanted to identify integration challenges, assess the talent, and prepare a risk mitigation plan.


A client architect reached out for help. Kettle resources prepared a Due Diligence playbook to use in addition to providing Quality Assurance support of their final deliverable to the deal team.

Consumer Goods

Create a Lean IT Function at IPO for a $2B NewCo.

One of the world’s largest consumer goods manufacturers was preparing to spin off their healthcare products division with an Initial Public Offering (IPO).


ParentCo architecture and IT culture was costly, slow, and unreliable. The NewCo CIO had to build a lean IT function more suited for the NewCo brand and their business needs.


Kettle resources built a transition plan to wean NewCo off of ParentCo platforms and functions without disrupting operations or perpetuating a dependency.

“We both value people and results. You helped me get the board to take this transformation seriously. Our customers are seeing the improvements. We could not have done this without you”


-Client Vice President of Customer Care

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