Disrupt Tradition

Why do our clients need consultants? Are we creating value or extending the problem? After years in consulting, we faced an existential crisis.


Then, we had our “chocolate and peanut butter!” moment. What if we built a firm that took the medicine that it prescribed?


Kettle was created with the belief that there is a better way that leads to happier clients and more effective consultants.

Drive innovation. Reduce waste. Deliver reliably. At the intersection of these three priorities? Awesome.

Solve your initial problem. Fix the root cause issues. Sustain the change.  

We partner with our clients to define, achieve, and maintain Awesome.


We understand that there are bigger names in consulting. We know that with the snap of a finger, their teams can be on site.


We have been with those names and built those teams. We believe that we can do better. 




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