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Our Story

Four years ago the CIO for a Fortune 500 client ran into our office. She said the CEO, during a board meeting, asked three key questions.


Why is IT so slow?

Why is IT so expensive?

Why does IT always break?

Ever since, our driving goal has been to help technology teams and organizations answer these three key questions.

How do we be innovative? 

How do we be efficient?

How do we be reliable?

All from the perspective of the business.

Maximize Your Consulting MPG

Kettle changes the traditional technology consulting model by breaking our engagements into

Drive Time and Transition Time.

We do not fill your conference rooms for weeks at a time. We get in, get up to speed, and transition out.


Creating a consulting habit is not sustainable or healthy for you, regardless of your financial resources.


During Drive Time, Kettle resources drive your solutions with focus and precision. We need to arrive at your immediate destination safely and quickly. Drive Times are relatively short bursts of activity with full time resources.

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During Transition Time, Kettle resources coach and advise your business and technology teams. We help you drive business focused technology for the long haul. Transition Times use part time resources, gradually easing your resources into the driver's seat. 

Kettle has helped startups and members of the Fortune 100 mature, thrive, and scale. All of our Experiences include Drive Time and Transition Time. These metrics demonstrate our ability to scale and our focus on sustainability, rather than creating a dependency that leads to withdrawal after we wrap up. 


Kettle's AquiO (Acquisition Optimization) service delivers the most modern approach to optimizing the sustainability and longevity of today's technology-dependent M & A transactions.


For Small to Medium sized businesses Cybersecurity resilience is either a proactive competitive advantage or a paralyzing fear. Kettle helps reduce the backlog of vulnerabilities, establish a culture of security, and eliminate common sources of cybersecurity risk.


Failed projects, culture clashes, and unreliable IT services create churn and chaos. Kettle identifies the root cause in people, process, and technology issues, to stop the bleeding, and get back to growth.

Kettle provides IT Strategy, Cybersecurity, and Delivery and Execution Services better than anyone else.

We embody the counsel we give to our clients: Innovation, Efficiency, and Reliability.


Our team helps clients diagnose, plan, and achieve sustainable solutions to intractable problems. We accelerate the traditional assessment period to focus on recommendations and clear, actionable road maps.


Your culture and industry make you unique. Our ability to disrupt the traditional consulting experience makes us unique.

By disrupting the traditional
technology model, we have helped
our clients realize extraordinary


How can we help you?

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